New Seven Generation: Give thanks for use it to unite

Selasa, 23 November 2010

Give thanks for use it to unite

Man is a creature that has been created for reason and function to think.
people's opinion "a thinking man with a quick and logical is a smart man" do you
agree with that? But sometimes unwitting human who would not really consider
something spiritual. was due to the factors that were intentionally or
unintentionally instill a doctrine / an understanding of the so-called ambitious,
who taught in subtle or coarse. Because without realizing it we / humans in
antiquity, present, and future will create a pattern. where the pattern, all
persons (children, parents, or anyone else) would n ot want to want to get into a
pattern ambitious. why? because it indirectly not directly. conditions of this
world will be more evil and more to make people will increasingly try very hard
to get something he wants (especially food).

And from the humans that humans would lose their way and will be heading
into a big trap reject the facts and truth that is true. facts that can not be
avoided again the Lord Jesus is the source and which provides all the existing
science in this world.
This is evidenced by several facts that are found among other things: have a lot
of young kids and even adults who consider religion only and only as a mere
fairy tale sign on ID cards.
Indeed, in this world whose names need science to work in this world and we
also need money to live in this world. And also, we from that we as children of
the Lord Jesus, we should be grateful that we will each receive and use the
knowledge and money that God gives us to use for the glory of the Lord Jesus
and not for its own sake. because of the accumulated wealth in the world
today / on this earth will disappear but the treasures are hidden in the eternal
now. and that certainly in the world God will bless their children in a variety of
things in the arms to live and glorify God on this earth. so that the whole earth
will know that the Lord Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of mankind forever
and ever. amen 
NB :
1. On the Use of science and what is in us to come together and build each
other so that the name of the Lord Jesus alone is the praise and glory
are always in our lives
2.Unite children of God with a heart and mind that according to the Word
of God

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